ISPConfig 3.1.7

ISPConfig 3.1.7

Changelog ISPConfig 3.1.7 – 25.09.2017


  • Webserver first line

Invalid path in IDN php_open_basedir

Problem with executing Python scripts (incl. solution)

Webdav login is in a loop

  • Let’s Encryprt

Error: mkdir failed: /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/acme/.well-known/acme-challenge/

Error in LE certificate generation when more than 100 domains are in it

Add support for the new Let’s encrypt path /opt/ in ISPConfig.

  • Mailserver

force postfix to listen on all interfaces

  • DNS

3.1.5 – Dnssec signing zone – multiserver

  • Interface

web sites stats NAN with special characters

IDN SSL – SSL Domain saved wrong

Incorrect names of fields in DNS DMARC form

  • APS Installer

MySQL syntax error in APS installer

A bug with the Joomla 3 installation via APS Installer not fixed!

APS Installer package list duplicate entries

  • Misc

Parent domain not reset on databases when it is deleted

PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP

SOAP error in client_template_additional_delete

Add check for mysql-plugin validate_password to allow passwords as hashes (Fixes #4777)

ISPConfig-3.1.6: mydns_to_powerdns_migration.php not handling apex records correctly

XMPP issue: Unhandled c2s_unauthed stanza: iq; xmlns=jabber:iq:auth

  • Installer/Updater

Improve Ubuntu version recognition in installer

use seperate config for amavis-dkim-config even is the systems uses a monolith config to prevent overwriting the key-config during updates

restrict permissions for db-dump during prepareDBDump


extend remote-function server_get_app_version to fetch $ispc_app_version from slave-server

New Feature, add new extra parameter in vhost.conf.master template