ISPConfig 3.1.12

ISPConfig 3.1.12

Changelog ISPConfig 3.1.12 – 25.05.2018


  • Interface refers to hard coded php version causing 502 errors

Directory /tmp not allowed as backup temp dir

Filesystem usage not show correctly when lvm logical volume is too long

wrong dkim-strength with domain module enabled

unability to insert into sys_log is an iterative tipping point, stalling systems

importing DNS records, NS not imported and SOA NS field is wrong

PHP IDS Error Spam

Remove rkhunter update function

Prevent master from being a mirror (Fixs #4854)

  • Webserver

LE cert problem in mirror setups

Issue with deleting website backup

Backup not downloadable on multiserver instance (slave)

Wrong homedir in jailed /etc/passwd

awstat wrong path in nginx config on vhosts

Deleting client doesn’t delete its cron jobs

Redirect breaks LetsEncrypt issue/renew

[Mailman] False URL on the moderation page

Add function to disable website logs

Add support for IP anonymization in logs

Update Logrotate functions for GDPR

stats Folder created even when Statistics set to none

Enable proxy rewrite support [P] for apache servers

Problem with https in url cron items

Cron url doesn’t allow underscore _ in domain name

chroot cronjob for websites with no shell-user fails to create the right environment

Letsencrypt use in „proxy“ vhost

Add NE-Flag to rewrite_to_https

  • Databaseserver

Add support for utf8mb4 charset in MySQL database form

  • Mailserver

Email transport type disappeared

Very slow MySQL Queries in mail_[user|forward|alias]_edit.php

not forward spam to external mailbox

  • Remote API

Remote API – APS Install does not return instance ID

Remote API call fails with IDS security error

Invalid client_id when adding CP user

Domain zone serial not updated when adding rr via remote API

  • Installer / Updater

mysql port not used in installation

gentoo: {server_id} not replaced for dovecot sql in install/dist/lib/gentoo.lib.php

adjust install/dist/tpl/gentoo/amavisd-ispconfig.conf.master

support conf-custom for tag_as-files for postfix/amavis


  • Interface

add mail-relay and mail-transport to resync

add „locked“ to clients list

  • Webserver

Enable support for HTTP2 protocol

Add Ubuntu 18.04 support

  • All Server Types

use pigz if available for tar-backups and add definable tmp-dir for zip-backups

  • Remote API

DNS API call to bump serial

Option to limit access for remote-user to specified IP(s) / hostname(s) (#4881)